The Flying Goat Soap journey to your skin begins on our farm, from years of perfecting recipes for a rejuvenating touch of nature every time.

Flying Goat products are always made with raw farm-fresh goat milk, using only the best natural ingredients and scented with sustainable all natural essential oils.

Like all our products, the soaps are made from nothing but the best: olive oil, coconut oil, local honey, and scented with natural essential oils.

“Renew Your Glow,” our all natural sugar scrub, a blend of pure wonders gently exfoliates for silky skin. No palm oil. Nothing but the best!

“Pure bliss in every lather.” Our goat milk soap is a symphony of the best natural ingredients: olive, coconut, essential oils, & farm-fresh goat milk.

Elevate your routine with our goat milk body butter that will leave your skin feeling irresistibly smooth, Revealing a velvety softness that “radiates natural beauty.”

Our Goat Milk Lotion Spray. Nourish your skin with the best way to apply lotion. Infused with aloe, natural essential oils. “You’ll feel Simply radiant!”

“Flying Goat Soap’s cinnamon whipped goat milk body butter is a game-changer! Its rich texture melts into the skin, leaving a heavenly scent and deep hydration. My go-to for velvety smoothness. A must-have indulgence!”

Sarah Johnson

“Absolutely impressed with this goat milk beard balm! The fusion of argan, jojoba, and almond oils is divine—keeps my beard styled, soft, and healthy. A must-have for any grooming routine. Highly recommended!”

Daniel Thompson

“Absolutely loving the goat milk soap! Its creamy lather leaves my skin soft and nourished. The natural ingredients work wonders—bye-bye dryness! It’s become my daily luxury. Highly recommend for anyone seeking skincare solutions.”

Emily Martinez